Our mission at AMICK Tactical is to provide quality gear and services to a wide range of customers and business partners. Our work spans both the public and private sectors, mostly around the Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security operations environment, providing gear and services since 2006 in the Pacific Northwest area. Based out of western Washington state, AMICK Tactical provides gear to many of our local Law Enforcement and Emergency Services personnel.  As a former Special Forces Medical Sergeant, Aaron at AMICK Tactical also teaches Emergency Medicine.

Services we offer at AMICK Tactical:

  • Industrial Manufacturing of sewn high quality gear using Miltary spec webbing, fabric and fasteners
  • Digital Privacy & Security consulting and training
  • Emergency Medical consulting and training

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AMICK Tactical, LLC is a small, veteran owned business serving our nation’s front line personnel, making gear that surpasses their quality needs. Having used the same type of gear over a 20 year career in US Army Special Operations, we recognize and appreciate quality products wherever we see them, and want to provide the toughest equipment out there. Our motto is “Maximum Quality for Maximum Adventure” for good reason. We want our products to go the distance in order to ensure mission accomplishment of those who still serve.

Our Digital Privacy and Security Services revolve around moving our clients to free and open source software (FOSS) technology. GrapheneGoat.com is our subsidiary site that covers all aspects of technical details on all things cyber-security to stay safer online. AMICK Tactical’s dedicated website to this sector of our services is https://graphenegoat.com/

Medical Training is available upon request, we specialize in austere wilderness and emergency medicine, and trauma management. We offer training for other medical personnel, or for people who want to learn tactical emergency medicine for the first time. Our training is based strongly on TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care adopted by the US Army Special Operations Forces and others throughout the DoD) and TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) which is a TCCC equivalent for the civilian sector. Contact us if you are interested in hosting a course near you and to get a quote.