DHAC Course 24-25 Feb, 2024

DHAC Course 24-25 Feb, 2024

DHAC Course 24-25 Feb, 2024

Visit https://graphenegoat.com/courses/dhac/ to sign up for one of our upcoming DHAC courses. DHAC stands for Digital Hygiene and Awareness Course, this is our standard Level 1 offering aimed at a wide audience and range of skill levels. Whether you consider yourself a ‘tech normie’ or even someone with considerable technology skills, you will learn about a full spectrum of tools to enhance digital privacy and security. Learn how to take decisive action to lock down your digital life.

Course Dates for August:

Sat-Sun, 24-25 Feb, 2024 in Auburn, WA


Students who attend receive lifetime updates to exclusive content as well as several other perks such as at cost custom Android phones running GrapheneOS.

For more information please email us at dhac@graphenegoat.com

We look forward to seeing you at DHAC!

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