We provide Digital Privacy and Security Training Courses as well as individual privacy consulting. Coupled with our Physical Security and Risk Management services, these provide a holistic solution to effectively manage your personal risk in life.

For physical security needs, visit our Risk Management page to learn more about our services.

While we cover some of the basics here, for a more in depth view of how to better use technology and harden your digital life, we have published a dedicated technology website at:


We offer a two day course called DHAC (Digital Hygiene and Awareness Course) that is a ‘digital bootcamp’ to harden and lock down your digital habits and devices. This is a packed full weekend of training that covers a full spectrum of topics including:

  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Cellular Phone Technology – Introduction to GrapheneOS, a security hardened, Android based mobile phone
  • Linux Operating Systems – Introduction to open source Operating Systems that you can control
  • Software Applications to maximize your workflow as well as your digital security
  • Hardware Applications ranging from mobile and computing devices to home firewalls and routers
  • Practical approaches to day to day privacy and security

Next DHAC course is 5-6 August in Little Rock, Arkansas, visit our course page here to sign up.

Contact us if we can host a course near you.

We also sell GrapheneOS phones as well as Faraday bags and other hardware and gear. More coming to this site, check back soon as we roll out the new site!